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Signup Restriction

This document describes ways to restrict users from signing up on your self-hosted Bigcapital instance. This configuration is done by editing envirement variables of the instance.

Disable Signup

The environment variable SIGNUP_DISABLED should be set to true to disable the signing up of new users. When set, the following facts hold:

  • The Register link in Login page will disappear but you can access to the page directly through /auth/register url and the page will show up but when sign-up the form will throw an error.
  • Uninvited users cannot sign-up using the signup form.
  • Invited users can still signup using the signup form.

This environment variable's value does not affect the login behavior of existing users.


Email domains white-list

The environment variable SIGNUP_ALLOWED_DOMAINS can be used to restrict signups to emails belonging to only a specific set of domains. This field takes a comma-separated set of values.

Setting allows [email protected] to sign up, but not [email protected].


You should set SIGNUP_DISABLED to true first to allow a specific set of domains.


Email addresses white-list

The environment variable SIGNUP_ALLOWED_EMAILS can be set to a comma-separated list of email addresses, that is always allowed to sign up, irrespective of the above environment variable.


You should set SIGNUP_DISABLED to true first to allow a specific set of email addresses.

These two email addresses can sign up on the Bigcapital instance.